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the Evil within Games!


It seems to be that time again, the time when Media outlets like the Daily Mail need to aim their pen towards the Violence within the Gaming Industry, this to sway a certain public, that kind of public that irrationally thinks that Violence within a game causes real harm towards real-life situations, yeah I know, when I say it out loud it sounds even more ridiculous to me!

There is plenty of research around which were rarely conducted under objective conditions and only measured the short-term effects of the relation between violence in video games and the cause of violence within our daily life pattern.

However, when they did more in-depth studies around the measured long-term effect of playing violent video games, studies were clearly showing that there are no differences between those that do play violent games and those that don’t. Suffices to say that there is no link between consuming violent video games and real-world violence at all, according to me, when you are only looking to expose violence in our video games you are kinda turning a blind eye wherever else it is being portrayed, e.g. Movies, Music and even our Daily News and Social Media outlets.

Video gaming reached mainstream popularity between the 70’s and 80’s, since then, we have never been able to pinpoint any logical reason why the media treats them as vile, there seems to be however always one thing vividly present, and looking at these articles I’ve noticed that they seem to be written from the perspective to surefire everyone’s attention.

I refer to the 2012’s horrible mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, where the brother of the perpetrator was mistakenly identified as the shooter, the media had to eventually realize and admit the error of their mistakes, but, on top of the horrific event, the Media smeared false claims which traveled faster than light! 

While the Media already had wrongly accused “Ryan Lanza” the internet didn’t settle on ruining the day of one’s innocence, what for the Media seemed an in-depth investigation on one’s personality, they roamed Ryan’s Facebook, they found that he enjoyed curtain Games e.g. “Mass Effect” it was seemingly enough for them to spew this out as one of the reasons, an already angry mob then carpet bombed Bioware’s Facebook page with accusations that they were creating and aiding child murderers.

BioWare’s response to this was not to respond to any of the messages at all, and as far as I know, they never removed anything either!


Games have been accused of all sorts of things, from being the cause of rickets to being criticized to mock adopted kids, claiming that Grand Theft Auto seemingly encourages drunk driving and car surfing.

While digging around, I even found questionable study’s and articles, who were making claims about how Shooters might causes Brain damage or that a video game might have been the cause of a Girls limb loss!?

The mainstream media seem to feed a particular kind of crowd when it comes to these types of articles, and those are the anti-gaming crusaders, the reason why? Will lead me to our newest addition to a series of stupid and when you would think that we were already past this, I am NOT surprisingly going to have to disappoint you because sadly we are not.

Detroit: Become Human

I was baffled when I found out, on Philip DeFranco‘s show, that The Daily Mail’s “most wonderful Journalism“, pointed out, yet again, another ridicule claim about a Game, a Game yet to come out under the title of Detroit: Become Human, this action adventure third person orientated game will let you play several characters in variously themed situations while the story will branch out depending on which choices you have made.

Such a choice is being given in the trailer below, it shows off an Android “Player” who is in service of a Male, who is seeming to be an abusive Father, the trailer shows that the player’s decisions will have consequences and suggests that you can either interfere or not interfere with said abusive actions, I couldn’t agree with them more that domestic violence, beating up a woman, and depicting child abuse is not a Joke, but, there is also no indication that these developers are aiming to do as such, and making such a claim that they are, is in my opinion fairly bold and narrow-minded.



I had to literally try hard to take a grasp on what kind of brain waves these people are surfing, while the hazardous fear mongering is highly questionable, both Sanchez Manning and Simon Murphy should throw their press card into the garbage for posting an article with only one purpose, the purpose to sway the public opinion by presenting false and prejudiced information.

Assumptions were made, while they accused the developers of trivializing and even normalizing child abuse and or Domestic Violence under the banner of Entertainment, others were saying that abusers will get off on this kind of stuff and claim that the imagery of it will increase the salacious abuse.

The accusations and blatantly attacks on an illustrative piece of art are ignorant at best, and while I should have to expect that people like Esther Rantzen should actually know what they are talking about, it is highly shocking to hear that she isn’t at all!


I was worried that either Quantic Dreamthe developer” or “SIEA” The Publisher would cave in, but after some digging I have high hopes that they will stay strong in this, Detroit’s: Become Human Development chief defended the implementation of an abusive scene, in an interview with Eurogamer, David Cage said that they try to tell a story that matters, which is moving, interesting and exciting, while he makes a good point that a creator hopes to deliver something that people won’t expect.

There are things I’d never do,” he said. “I’d never do a racist Games or a misogynist Games. These are the limits. When you feel okay with the content and the meaning when you know you have nothing to be ashamed of because it’s fair and it tells the right story and because it’s moving. There are no limits.

This scene did just that, it touches something that we aren’t expecting, we have people out there that have to endure this kind of events on a daily base, they shouldn’t be ashamed to make it public, we should, however, be more concerned about the fact that we have a huge amount of these victims out there, who are still way too scared to speak up!

Esther Rantzen and the likes, should be more pleased that this topic gets more attention in a medium, widely used by a huge amount of our world’s population, it opens up, to my knowledge, perspective and if logic permits, it will make it more accessible and debatable for those that didn’t dare to discuss it in the first place, if not all, the most important factor of this discussion is, that we can make both child Abuse and domestic violence debatable for those that look the other way when it really matters!

Our opinions are solely our own and do not express the views or opinions of others, our opinions are subjective and we are always open to debate them, you can do this down below, however, we ask you to do this in an orderly fashion, direct attacks, rants, trolling towards other users and or the author in question will not be tolerated!


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