Single Player Games are anything but Death!

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Single Player Games are anything but Death!

The numbers revealed by SuperData are anything but indicating that Single Player Games are on the Dying end, I’ve seen this concern popping up many many times for the past few years within our Gaming communities, and due to the recent events with companies like EA, which closed down Visceral Games, and other publishers, like Blizzard, and Activision who are more focussing on the Multiplayer side of the Gaming Industry, I am really intrigued if there was some form of truth to it.

While the reports are clearly showing several Multiplayer Games rising at the top-selling titles, I am still convinced that there is a strong foundation for the Singleplayer Games we like, with our newly in-depth additions on the market e.g. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice, Cuphead and Nier: Automata I think it suffices to say that with over two dozen single player orientated games being released in 2017 alone, that some of our News Outlets and some other Questionable Gaming Journalist are full of it, this without any decent  sensible prove that this is becoming a fact.

From what I’ve gathered, with both triple-A and Indie developers still releasing strong games like What Remains of Edith Finch, I don’t think we have to assume that that the rumors that are spreading around our Singleplayer Entities will become true anytime soon! 

Further investigation on Steam, Origin, and Resellers like G2A even suggest a strong and steadfast singleplayer orientated Game sale throughout the entire year of 2016 and 2017, with the currently leading Pre Order for Farcry 5 and well-received releases like Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Total War Warhammer 2, and even older games like Fallout 4 and Hitman, we are still enlightened with real singleplayer experiences who will be remembered and played for a long time after.

This doesn’t mean, that there is no uncertainty how the game industry will evolve around Singplayer content in the long term, with the recent events around our Gaming industry which involves microtransactions and loot-box practices, moving in, on both our full priced Singleplayer and Multiplayer Games, I feel that the Gaming Community can legitimately resent these practices, but, we can in my opinion only make assumptions on how it all will evolve.  

It is impossible to predict how the bigger Game Publishers like EA, Warner Bros, Activision and 2K Interactive will react on the strong backlash that it has received on the Microtransaction and Loot-Box controversy as of late.


However, the reports are clear, with around 8.5$ billion across console and around 1 billion higher spent on PC last October it is interesting to see that the competition between Singleplayer and Multiplayer Games e.g. World Of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V and the latest Figa 18 both continue to stay strong, but the arguable assumptions and even rumors that Singleplayer Games are on a Dying end in our Gaming industry is to my knowledge just not true, at least, not as of yet!

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