Kingdom Come Deliverance

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kingdom come deliverance review

Four months after the initial release of Kingdom Come Deliverance I was really, really happy that this is one of my few anticpated Games this year that turned out very wel for me. I was able not to expect to much from Warhorse Studio’s where they managed to deliver a refreshing title on a market which is domminated by some of the shadiest Gaming Industry publischers to date!  

It was pretty clear to me that this title wouldn’t appeal to the mainstream Gamer and in my opinion this was and is totally fine for me. I personally love games who can step away from the classical Game play that we are being fed by the trippel A industry!

This title is Slow-paced and more focused on the individual performance and skill, not being a Hero delivers a nice twist and being a nobody felt natural, you do not hack and sash through Kingdom Come since they try to mimic that authentic feeling!

This Journey makes it hard not to notice the imperfections, some frustrating, some other even make you giggle!

At its core, I see a diamond, a raw diamond worthy of becoming a masterpiece, and in my opinion, even with the occasionally wonky Gameplay, clunkiness and some bugs and errors here and there it is still worth to take the entire trip, to me it is the entire atmosphere that lifts up the Game to a higher level, it breathes a mix of Rol Playing where you need to find a way to survive.

You often end up failing and dying and when you finally succeed you will feel the release of stress and satisfaction!

On top of it, this Game breathes history even in its smallest corners you will find tiny bits of background told through the main story, scrolls, wild chatter and the side quests which you will encounter through your journeys in the beautiful lands of Bohemia.


Aimed to be semi fictive you are encouraged to look at the broader picture. The Game is clearly aimed to lean strongly towards an actual historical event during the Reign of Sigismund the have Brother of Wenceslaus who was officially captured by his brother Sigismund around June 29, of the year 1402 which forced him to sign his renunciation of all his powers to Sigismund.

This led to the event in Kingdom Come Deliverance where Sigismund invades the lands of Bohemia with Sir Markvart von Auliz a knight in service of the self-proclaimed king and their so-called Cuman Mercenaries, these Nomadic Hungarian forces were ordered to plunder, loot and impose heavy taxes and pursue those that still supported King Wenceslaus to their fullest extent.

 The Game opens with the peaceful landscape showing you the beautiful surroundings of Skalitz.

Here you will be in control of Henry, a simple peasant running shores for his father. He dreams of seeing the world before settling down, Henry secretly trains the swordsmanship skills behind the back of his parents, his father, however, does not like the idea to see his son picking fights. He tries to learn him to be self-sufficient and above all respectful to those around him.

Henry’s father asks him to acquire a Hilt for Lord Radzigs sword, 10 pieces of charcoal which will require you to collect some debt to cover the costs of it and a peach of cool Ale. Kunesh, the one that needs to pay up is not the jolliest guys of the town.

It was immediately clear that they put a lot of characteristics in their personages. Voice acting is done top-notch, Graphics and sound are great and the story is really impressively done. The only bad thing that I was able to encounter in Kingdom Come is that the voice acting and lip sync is really off the chard compared to all the good things I have seen in this well-crafted Game. 

 While this all impressed me beyond my expectations the peace in Skalitz was about to be abrupted, Sigismund is determined to learn you the hard truth of Kingdom Come Deliverance where only a handful of citizens will survive it!

The developers tried to portrait the drama of medieval battlefield, where iron clenched with iron, blood was often spilled and in real event of Scalise a lot of villagers were massacred just to deliver a message to those that still supported Wenceslas. You will witness this through the eyes of Henry, who in his turn will have to witness the murder on both his mother and Father.

Only one option is given and under the circumstances, it would’ve been the only option you had in real life, and that is to Run!

While running I heard screams from a woman in distress, unknowing who it was I saw a popup that I had to save her, panic rose as I was incapable doing a damn thing to save her for real except swinging my sword briefly past one of the  barbaric Cumans!

Whilst looking in the corner of my eyes these assholes turned their attention towards me, chasing me down they were able to clip me a few times where I stumbled towards the closest horse, bleeding, my foot broke, and my head seemed to be a mess.

With the screen dripping full of blood I barely managed to get on the horse and flee the scene!


The first few bits are pure introductive towards Henry’s immediate surroundings to give you the player a basic understanding of the Game. While this seems all linear I personally really like how they incorporated their story build up with a very mature way of explaining the bare bones of the game, and they did so without making me feel like I am the stupidest person on the entire earth.

This trend will continue until after the point where you have to find a way to escape from Talmberg to bury your parents. Up until this point, you did not see any real danger yet except off the escape earlier on. Back at Skalitz, you will meet up with an old acquittance who on his turn introduces me with Medieval Negan, and he seems to be a very very special kind of fuck with. 

 My first Antagonist learned my one thing after his defeat, he was easy and it would become a hell of a lot harder!

Saved by the woman I had saved when I ran from Skalitz the world opened up for me. I was introduced to the city of Rattay, the biggest one that you will encounter in Kingdom Come. While I technically could go wherever I want I learned the hard way that it was better to stick with the storyline for a short while, just up to the point where you are given your own horse called Pebbles. 

When you received your horse and ended the quest Hunt Begins you can go where you please and scout out your surroundings, however, this is not without any danger since you are basically a lad who acquired himself some arms without any decent skill.

 The scope of aquiring the skill is relativley easy but time-intensive where chores may get repetitive over time.

The captivating story and the atmospheric gameplay offers more than that, with Warhorse’s ambitious triple-A Artwork and sound you also get a diversity of gameplay due to the freedom, yet, with generic and slow-paced elements. The mapping delivers an open world scenery with a true authentic medieval feeling, incredibly beautiful landscapes, foliage, and buildings. 

While the game delivers everything you need the game is perfectly moddable. By the time of writing, I was able to find a ton of mods on to enhance various aspects of the game from shaders, textures to tiny and mayor gameplay overhauls! 


Some of the quests were sadly broken on initial release and some have been reported still being iffy at times during act two and three. I personally have been in luck to encounter one ugly quest bug thus far which was patched out during the first week patch.

With a truly memorable combat system where handholding is out of the question you start with no pre existing knowledge!

Warhorse made sure the enemy will remind you on that fact very often, the encounters will vary from light, medium to heavily armored enemies. They will react on how you behave in your encounters and hitting them on the same place constantly is bound to be noticed, finding the weak spots is really a must to succeed and going into battle unprepared is therefore a big no no!

 You can attack the enemy from five different directions and hit them with up to three epic attacks slash, stab and kick. Aside of that, when the enemy is weak enough you will also have combo techniques to finish the enemy off!

Tricking the enemy into thinking you’re about to hit their right or left side and quickly switch to catch them of guard will help you to take them out of balance, but, you will quickly notice that this is something of a skill you will have to master by trail and error.

A wide range of weapons and armor are available to you, every weapon type handles differently and every armor type will grant you different stat boost depending on how you want to play. The skills are related to many abilities that Henry can become proficient in as you progress to the game, these skills are most certainly needed to get through the first bits of this game.

Without these skills you will not survive early on and while the combat is challenging at first I can not ignore the fact that it felt like I got slightly overpowered when I had acquired myself the higher tear gear and mastered the skills sets for it past act three. 

  Even though the higher tear gear is accessible early you still need skill to use it well. Six or Seven enemies are still challenging even with high stats and good gear if you are not carefull but lower groups are a peace of cake!

With the huge amount of content already delivered Warhorse studio’s I am happy to hear that they are not done yet with this title. Kingdom Come Deliverance is bound to receive up to three story DLC a free hardcode mode and tournaments before the end of this year while the fourth story DLC a Woman’s lot can be expected early next year, this, alongside full fledged modding support.

With all this to be planned by warhorse, I will have a reason to fire up this game again when they will roll out these DLC’s! 


Kingdom Come Deliverance is an ambitious and unique game, it delivered, in my opinion, a fresh setting and ended up as a success story despite its flaws! 


We do not see our reviews as a review, neither should you, it is in the end totally up to you to decide whether this Game appeals to your needs as a gamer or not, we urge you, not to let our experience guide you to whether you have to purchase a Game yes or no!

Therefore this is purely the personal Experience of the author for this specific title, treat it as such!

 I think that the setting is engrossing, quests are deep, and the combat is brilliant!

An excellent story driven game with a great Original sound track, the voice acting is mostly great the lipsync however is often not adequately enough. The story surely exceeded my personal expectations, a lot of hidden background history can be found throughout the entire game and you can tell that Warhorse Studio did a lot of trouble to mix the Game world and realism!

While pretty tense the story is very educational, some of the characteristics are fictional, but, if I payed enough attention to my history classes it looks to me that the larger parts seem historical accurate, this made me immersed into the story even more.  

 While not perfect warhorse studios delivered us a game wish shows us a lot of heart and respect for history!

The Combat is intense and robust, you are henry a peasant and you do not know anything about combat and they did good to remind the player that you can die any moment. Kingdom Come Deliverance does not shy away from standing out from other trippel A RPG’s In addition to the aforementioned Combat system they ditched fantasy for a gritty historical experience.

This tittle proves that single player games are still standing strong, without micro transactions and loot boxes and while there are potential improvements that can be made, with time I believe Warhorse will improve on what they have build here!

Steer clear! If you absolutely insist on playing exclusively Trippel A titles with 100+ million budgets, micro-transactions and loot crates this game will probably annoy you! 

Kingdom Come Deliverance













  • Beautiful graphics and atmosphere
  • Challenging combat
  • No hand holding!
  • Immersive
  • Nice Story


  • Lip Sync is off the shard
  • Occasional Bugs
  • Questing issues

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