Christmas Tech Special: Gaming Keyboards

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Christmas Tech Special: Gaming Keyboards


When it comes to Pheripherials, as a Gamer you want something that will last, strong, and durable for the lengthiest time possible, Keyboards and mouses are one of the most important Items you will use alongside your trusty Gaming Computer, it is like a Chair or coach which will make you feel comfortable and in that regards Keyboards are not anything different.

As Gamers we ofthen Eat, Drink and occasionally tip over a glas or spill our crunchy natchos, some of this will spill right on top of our trusty keyboard and sometimes even worse!

I promise, these events occurred not under any predetermined testing conditions, the keyboards I owned were excessively used by a Gamer, I had near heart attack experiences and like anyone else I ate I drank, I undoubtedly spilled around and under those conditions I can firmly conclude that I was able to rely on at least one Brand for the past 7 years.

I do not really look to design, it is not because something looks good that it will be better, I personally do not mind a keyboard to be more robust or heavy, I often end up passionately ramming my keybindings, so what I personally look for in a Keyboard, is simple something strong which can withstand my abusive keyboard usage. …


Corsair K95 RGB Platinum:

This keyboard uses Cherry MX RGB speed mechanical switches and magnetic and reversible wrist resting!


  • Material: ABS Plastic casing and aluminum plate
  • Software: Yes Media Keys: Dedicated
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Dimensions: 171 [L] x465 [W] x36 [H] mm
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Cable Length: 2.0 Meters Interface: USB
  • Anti-ghosting: Full N-Key Rollover via USB
  • Macro Support: Yes -> 6 G-Keys


With reworked Media Keys and a smoother volume roller Corsair is still the only company that firmly uses Cherry MX RGB speed mechanical switches, most other peripheral manufactures uses proprietary switches for their RGB models, your choices are pretty limited here, if it comes to Cherry’s Tech Reputation, if you are looking for a keyboard with those specific switches Corsair will be pretty much it.

The wrist rests are really well done, they were completely ravamped; you still have the same plastic tabs that click into place, but instead of a built-in resting surface there is now a reversible surface that is magnetically attached to the wrist rest base. 

The keyboard has a sporty look, its casing is strongly secured with 21 screws on the plate, one is hidden at the volume control and two more where the cable is being secured, the keyboard can be easily disassembled to clean it out, to my impression the casing is stronger and slightly smoother to disassemble than the Razer Blackwidow, I used this keyboard in the past mainly as a secondary, and I only had to clean it out once in the 9 months I had it in possesion, this until the point that I sold it to someone else!

This strong sturdy beast has aircraft grade aluminium framing, storing and playback complex macros with custom backlighting is a must these days, I use this keyboard for my Open Broadcast Software Macro Commands with ease!

They keystrokes are light and have a smooth feel, they are really flexible and responsive to use which is a pleasure for any purpose, there are plenty of keyboards with macro support capabilities but Corsair executed the complexity of actions with a single button more greatly.

With its sleek and improved software to support the keyboard, I’ve seen a lot trying to compete with Razer but of the Keyboards that passed my revenue this is the only one so far that can match it, the only drawback is its high price but in the end, this is a good and strong keyboard which can be used for any task!



Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum:

This keyboard uses Exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches and ARX Control Integration for Phones!


  • Material: Plastic Casing
  • Software: Yes Media Keys: Dedicated
  • Warranty: Two Years Limited Warranty
  • Dimensions: 243.5 [L] x505 [W] x35.5 [H] mm
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Cable Length: 1.8 Meters Interface: USB
  • Anti-ghosting: 113 Key Anti-Ghosting
  • Macro Support: Yes -> 9 G-keys


For decades Logitec has been omnipresent in the peripherals market, willing to take a risk with new features to make their products stand out, with its stylish design the G910 Orion Spectrum is the nicest looking Keyboard I have ever owned, sadly not the strongest, the design is fairly fragile compared to the Corsair and the Razer Keyboard listed in this article.

The keyboard uses a exlusive Romer-G mechanical switch,  Logitech exercises some restraint and offers an updated, slightly scaled-back version of the G910 Orion Spark which was unabashedly designed for Gamers alike!

The nine dedicated macro keys, proprietary switches, and customizable per-key RGB functions makes the G-910 Spectrum an attractive mechanical keyboard but in my opinion less functional than the two others, none the less I do think it is a good keyboard for its price-quality for those that don’t want to press out the bigger bucks.

Like said Looks are not everything, but its low cost ARM processor from ST microelectronics makes the G910 Orion Spectrum still stand out and competetive with the two other keyboards.

Logitech’s Gaming software is well designed, however, it doesn’t seem to respond very well to Windows 10 and while there are cases that the keyboard functions I personally would advise against it, it is beyond me that a company like Logitec doesn’t offer dedicated support towards windows, 10 users.

The ARX control, the application that Logitec provides for Android and iOS is relatively lightweight and responsive, like said Logitec is a company that likes to take risks, but, it feels that it still needs a lot of work, to live up to the hype Logitec raised about it, all in all, this Keyboard is a good choice for when you are not a heavy-duty user.

To my example the Keyboard only lasted for about 4 months, when I rolled over to Windows 10 the Keyboard was not properly Functional Anymore and this is plain and simple to short for someone that Uses his Keyboards excessively!

This is by far one of the main reasons why I stepped away from Logitec and switched over to Razer completely, every Logitec Product I ever had, from Keyboard, Mouse to Headset didn’t last quite long enough to justify the money I spend on it, I am not saying Logitec is bad, but, I do believe that the material used by them is just not strong enough for my personal handling. …



Razer Blackwidow V2:

This keyboard uses their own Razer Mechanical Keyboard Switches with 50 g actuation force!


  • Material: ABS Plastic Casing
  • Software: Yes Media Keys: FN+ F-key Dedicated
  • Warranty: 1.0** Years
  • Dimensions: 171 [L] x475 [W] x39 [H] mm
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Cable Length: Braided fiber cable  Interface: USB
  • Anti-ghosting: 10 Key Roll-Over Anti-Ghosting
  • Macro Support: Yes -> 5 G-keys


With the Razers inhouse responsive mechanical keys, rich illumination and lots of customization options, the Razer BlackWidow Chroma is to my impression the best overall Gaming keyboard around, not al too cheap but also not too expensive for what you get.

The keyboard Actuation is 50g and with a 4.5mm key travel I was able to type around 106 words a minute, the keyboard measurements on its own are one of the largest, but to me, it sure doesn’t feel like the biggest one on the market! 

I’ve rolled to the Blackwidow V1 back when I burned a few of  my former Logitec Pheripherials which caused me to decide to find myself a new Brand to stick to, while I do like the Corsair K95 a lot I still couldnt distance myself from Razer, I’ve always been treated as a valuable customer and the longevity of my current equipment exceeded my expectations that I am more inclined to stick with my current Brand than changing it, this is the main reason why I sold my Corsair to a friend and went with a complete Razer apparatus.

There are also five macro keys built into the far left side of the keyboard, and media-player functionalities which you can enable with the top row F keys!

While not everyone likes the FN+ Function, I like the ability to record keystrokes at a moments notice, I agree that the media player functionalities could have used a separate control but I’ve become so used to it that I personally do not notice it anymore, on the day of writing the Blackwidow V2 still runs on the Razer Synapse 2.0 software, at the early rollout of it, I had a few issues but since then I have to say it is pretty much stable, using this program is straightforward, like with the Corsair and Logitec Keyboards you can program macros, reassign keys, activate a gaming mode and adjust your backlighting options.

The BlackWidow Chroma Keyboards delivered me one of the most brilliant Gaming experiences, no matter what you throw at it or spill over it Razer’s sturdy build and key switches work very well, I literally have had those moments that I spilled soda pop all over the V1 and V2 which caused me to almost faint on the spot!

I do not advice this, but I ended up disassembling the keyboards and cleaning them out with clear water, after a night drying out I used compressed air after, assemble the Keyboards again to then see it all work as it was intended!

They kinda felt brand new, and against all expectations, while Razer Inc. themselves are advising against it, it still worked, I’ve done this with all my Razer Keyboards “NOT RECOMMENDED!” when they started to feel sticky and I never had a problem ever since, Disassembling the Razer Keyboard requires Caution, doing this rapidly might break the casing which happened almost to me on the V1 of the Blackwidow, luckily I was patient enough to re-evaluate the situation before I broke the Keyboards case.

Closing Comments:


With 3 well sorted out Keyboards it is purely up to you whichever keyboard you want to pick, if you are the more refined gamer which is careful, the Logitec would most likely suffice, but, if you are the more robust Gamer Like me, which needs Strength and Power I would recommend either the Corsair or the Razer!

My choice was purely about what brand to pick and had less to do with the quality between two types of keyboards, both of the Keyboards were in my opinion good options . …

I could’ve gone either with Corsair or Razer, but Logitec was out of the Question due to how I use and handle my equipment, and while I don’t really trow with my stuff, I do dare sometimes to fist-ball my Keyboard because of the sudden turn events during my Gameplay!

Let’s just say that I am a passionate Gamer and my equipment needs to represent that, I am really happy with Razer but I am sure that I would have been happy with Corsair too, in the end, it is all purely taste and choice and if you are sure of your choice you shouldn’t have to regret it, what would you pick?

Let us know in the comment section down below. …


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