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  • Steam will stop supporting Ubuntu Linux over 32-bit compatibility
  • Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sequel In Development Because Of DLC Ideas
  • Cyberpunk 2077 Trailer Features Keanu Reeves & An April 2020 Release Date
  • EVE Online: Invasion Expansion Announced Featuring Mighty Triglavians
  • Mass Effect-Style porn game subverse pulls in $2 million on Kickstarter
  • Why Elder Scrolls VI microtransactions would be worrying
  • Ubisoft’s Anno 1800 Will be Made Unavailable on Steam After Launch Day Due to Exclusivity Deal
  • Bohemia Interactive Explains Why Vigor Will Be Delayed
  • NZXT is now offering prebuilt PC bundles for aspiring streamers
  • A look back at what made NieR: Automata so great
  • Another Total War Saga is in development
  • Skull & Bones TV show Planned ahead of Game's Launch
  • Fallout 76 player who spent 900 hours in-game says they've been banned
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Price of Survival Achievements Revealed
  • Steel Division 2 deploys on April 4th with perks for Normandy 44 owners
  • The Resident Evil 2 remake is one of the best Resident Evil Games Ever
  • Bright Memory is an impressive FPS debut from a solo developer

Christmas Tech Special: Gaming Keyboards

author image by Imperator | Tech Blogs | 0 Comments | December 22, 2017

    Christmas Tech Special: Gaming Keyboards   When it comes to Pheripherials, as a Gamer you want something that will last, strong, and durable for the lengthiest time possible, Keyboards and mouses are one of the most important Items…

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Yearning for the Razer Phone!

author image by Imperator | Tech Blogs | 0 Comments | December 7, 2017

    Yearning for the Razer Phone!   The Razer Phone is a product mirrored from the acquired “Nexbit Robin” which was crowdfunded in a Kickstarter campaign on September 2015, Nexbit was bought by Razer Inc. around January 2017 who…

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Well, my respect and hopes for Respawn Interactive went through the drain like fairly fast :/ #ApexLegends Not dipping my money into #StarWarsJediFallenOrder💩 That is what you get for being an ass hat towards your customers! mygamexp photo

A new edited stream snipet on my past Resident Evil 2 playthrough, Link: #LittleVMills #residentevil2 #remake #liquidhq Enjoy :) mygamexp photo

New Concept: I just released my first YouTube video Link: check it out, I will surely appreciate it #FamilyJules #Metalgear #snakeeater #liquidhq mygamexp photo

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