Anno 1800 Pulled from Steam

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I was really crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t happen with this title, sadly, it has been proven so many times that when there is money involved that no one on the “suit” level will shed a tear on how their customers will feel or how they will react. For them, it is a calculated risk, a risk that publishers like Ubisoft are wholeheartedly willing to take. And from their perpespective they feel they do so with good reason. They run down the big numbers and from that point of view I feel where they are comming from.

From a customer’s perspective, however, I do not feel so happy with the directions taken by those involved!

I may understand why they went with these decisions to go head to head with the steams Business model, but this does not mean that I can stand 100 procent behind the actions taken. I feel that these publishers are using the Epic Game Store as a tool. For them they see it as an  answer or a jumping board to push steams managment to change something about their usual 30% cut take for a sale on the steams storefront. However, this will not last since Epic Games store chief already said they will stop paying for exclusive PC Games eventually and this may as well be the reason why steam is not taking any counter actions!

In the mean while, this means for me and many others that Ubisoft’s Anno 1800, one of the few titles I personally really had high hopes for this year, will not be available for purchace after its initial release date as Ubisoft and Epic Games decided to pull a Metro Exodus and remove Anno 1800 from Steam store before I will be able to get my hands on it unless I pre order the Game.

The Good News for those that have already pre-ordered the Game on steam is that the publisher, Ubisoft, assured that any prior purchases of the Game on the Steam Distribution Platform will be fulfilled. Steam owners of the Game will have full access to Anno 1800 and any future updates and or DLC releases through the Steam platform. They also are vague on any future release on steam as they clearly stated that they are unsure whether or not the Game will become available on steam again, followed with an apology for their Steam Customers who were expecting it to be available for sale after the initial release April 16th, 2019.

The Game had a pre order page for quite a while on Steam which is updated by valve with a notification that the game will not be available anymore after the initial 16th of April release date. The move from steam follows after the successfull launch of The Division 2 on the Epic Game Store last month. For Ubisoft this is basicly a win win scenario that they are planning to play out.

For potential buyers like me this is, however, fairly inconvenient. While I admit that I have high hopes for Anno 1800 I am still that kind of costumor who likes to know what is under the hood before purchacing any goods. So I always tend to wait until a New Game has been rolled out for a while where I anticipate a few patches here and there before I lay my hands on that said title.

The move to Epic Games Store is for me a huge no go, not because it is yet another application but it has more to do with what I personally feel comftrable with. And while I am totally fine with Epic Games existance and that Games like “Anno 1800” will be offered on Epics Store or any platform for that matter I am not happy with publishers forcing Exclusivity upon their players! 

From my perspective it is fairly simple, If a game is announced to be released on said Distribution platform I will not only expect it to be released as such but I Expect that it will STAY loyal to that platform and its USERS and with a sudden move like this you only prove how unloyal you are to your customers and the platform you announced your Game release on for so many months!

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-Tony Hsieh 

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