an Undemocratic Crusade Against Net Neutrality!

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an Undemocratic Crusade Against Net Neutrality!


While you would think that over time we are ought to make progress in a positive way for all, we are once in a while stunned about the turn of events, when The Federal Communication Commision in the United States repealed the Obama-Era Internet Neutrality Rules the citizens of the United States seemingly lost their freedom to freely roam around the internet, the Net Nuetrality Rules were there to enforced ISP’s to follow a set of rules, this to ensure that Internet providers were not allowed to block, throttle or prioritize extra paid platform services on top of their data plans and create an equal enviornment for everyone.

Ajit Varadaraj Pai’s “FCC’s Chairman” proposal to repeal the Net Neutrality Act was therefore not received well, the public opinion largely voiced against it, Pai, however, pressed for the repeal on 15 December 2017 with a 3 to 2 against an open internet while disregarding the fact that the populations did and still don’t want this.

The repeal effectively gives Internet providers the possibility to negotiate payment deals with certain websites who will affect their performance, meaning that they can for example offer Netflix faster speed for a small fee while they throttle Hulu!

This may cause sites like Netflix, Hulu, and the likes to pass those fees to their consumers, aside of that, those same Internet Providers will also have the legal right to bundle curtain websites and put them behind a paywall on top of their regular data plan before the consumer can access them.


Federal Communications Commission:

The organization is an independent agency of the united states government, this to regulate interstate communications and was established under statute 47 U.S.C. § 151 and 47 U.S.C. § 154.

The FCC has five seating members who are appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate for “5” Years None of them may have a financial interest in any FCC-related businesses!

The Commissioners:

  • Ajit Varadaraj Pai – The Chairman
  • Mignon Clyburn – Board Member
  • Brendan Carr – Board Member
  • Micheal O’Rielly – Board Member
  • Jessica Rosenworcel – Board Member



From my personal standpoint, it is strange that an organization which is highly undemocratically structured can survive, the board members are been put in place similar like with the United States Justice system where district court judges are being nominated by the President of the United States.

The weird thing is that while they have rules in place to how these board members should represent the organization there are mixed feelings that this might be only for the show, and while none of these board members are supposed to have any financial interest at the time of seating I am not sure that Mr. Ajit Varadaraj Pai is truthful towards the real reason for the repeal of Net Neutrality.

When you dig a little deeper into his history you clearly see that he had a financial interest in the past and he may still have a financial interest in the future after he has been resigned of his current position!

His behaviour towards all this is highly questionable, and seeing someone in his position acting like a “Teenage Brat” makes you wonder whether he is the right person for the job or not, amazed by how he handles his Public Relations, it all feels like, rubbing it into the Pro-Net Neutrality Camp’s nose.

Ajit Pai’s eccentric video featured him being dressed up as Santa while handling a lightsaber and a spinner to defend his repeal for Net Neutrality and mock the criticism against it.



It seems that the Repeal of Net Neutrality is far from over, the public opinion was strongly for Net Neutrality and more than 3/4 th 83% were aposed and in favor of keeping Net Neutrality in place, regardless, PAi’s motion to repeal Net Neutrality came trough and was voted 3/2 in favor.

Pro-Neutrality groups are already preparing the legal actions, when the repeal comes into effect, however, it is hard to predict the outcome, and even when a Judicial Challange would end into a successful lawsuit in favor of Net Neutrality it will be a long pad to that victory.

It is also unclear at this time what the grounds of such a lawsuit would be, specific legal strategies are not openly discussed, but, it is plausible that any challenge would aim for Pai’s Repeal as Arbitrary, random, and seemingly irregular due to its manipulative process, it is hard to see whether the ground of these claims will stick in the end, but they do represent the majority of the United States citizens opinion in this ongoing battle against the Repeal of Net Neutrality.

With the ceaseless front against the new regulatory regime, internet providers will test their boundaries and their newly acquired power by all means, and they can do this legally!

Pai’s repeal will stay in effect for an unforeseen lengthy period of time, leaving all those ISP’s free to interfere with your network traffic, these powers have given the options to implement nightmare scenarios, blocking, throttling to being more aggressive on mobile bitrates, carriers could also go totally against google wallet like in 2011 or AT&T’s attempt to block FaceTime in the past.

For now, none of the Internet providers has communicated any plans yet, but it is a disaster waiting to happen, and no one knows the real impact yet of the decision made, for me it is about clear that the seating chairman Ajit Pai waged an undemocratic crusade to eliminate Net-Neutrality once and for all the question whether this was intentional and for personal gain is something we can only assume but proving it is another matter!


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